OCB | Ultimate Slim King Size Rolling Papers


Brand OCB
Colour Blue
Rolling Paper Type Organic, Unbleached, Ultra Thin
Paper Size KingSize Slim
Width 11cm
Height 3cm
Material Paper

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OCB Ultimate King-Size Slim Rolling Papers are the next generation of rolling papers, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, ultra-thin, natural gum, let’s just say they went all out on these new Ultimate rolling papers. 

OCB Ultimate rolling papers are the lightest and thinnest rolling papers available on the market to date, weighing in at an amazing 8grams per pack, that’s just 0.25g per paper. Wow!

Each pack contain 32 leaves, that’s 32 sheets of 100% Ultimate vegan-friendly rolling paper and each box contains 50 packs, that’s 1600 Ultimate natural organic vegan rollups.

OCB products are made in France and have been since the beginning of the company. Founded in 1918 OCB rolling papers are one of the longest-lasting rolling paper companies not only in the industry but in the world. 

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