AWS | SP-25 Digital Scale


  • Great for envelopes and packages
  • Weighs up to 55 lbs in graduations of 0.1oz (0.2oz minimum capacity)
  • Easily converts between pounds, kilograms, kilogram: grams, and pounds: ounces
  • Easy to Use

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The PS-25 postal scale is designed to meet home mailing and shipping needs. With a 55lb capacity and a 0.1oz graduation, the PS-25 is well suited for calculating postage on envelopes and determining shipping rates on packages. The tilt-up platform allows the weighing of mailing tubes and large envelopes. There is also a manual hold button on the right side of the scale to lock the weight on the display, allowing you to remove the package and record the weight. Powered by either two 1.5V “AA” alkaline batteries or USB-adapter. Both are included, so you are ready to weigh right out of the box.

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