EZ Splitz | Small Color Cigar Cutters



  • 60 Cigar Cutters per Jar
  • ½“ (inner ring diameter) x 1”
  • Inside blade not exposed for safe cutting.
  • Made of hard, thick plastic.

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Now you can easily roll up a cigar with a perfect split! Say good bye to that ugly split and hello to EZ Splitz Cigar Cutter! Roll up like a pro with these EZ splitz. These Cigar Cutters come in assorted colors and are perfect to cut a blunt. Simply push the cigar blunt through the hole and a blade inside will cut the cigar making it a wrap for you to roll up. These are designed with a ball keychain that allows for you to hang on things or you can put it on a key ring. Works great for a point of purchase item at the cash register or by the cigars section.

Colors Assorted Plastic Jar


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